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The Art of Cultural Evolution is a non-profit organization whose mission is to share environmental and social ideas through art, film, publications, classes and workshops. The organization provides programs, exhibitions, events and projects to educate and engage the public in new ideas about cultural and environmental sustainability.

Colony1: Sustinability Hub Miami

Miami is the most climate vulnerable city in the nation, we are proposing an iconic architectural demonstration of sustainability to create a dynamic and holistic center called Colony1. The building will be a “living building”, meaning that it produces its own power, water and food. Colony1 will be solar powered, insulated with rooftop and vertical gardens and feature a passive cooling system. The building will collect rainwater and grey water and filter it through a wetland system that will lead to irrigate edible gardens. The intended programming at Colony1 is the real unique characteristic. A not for profit CSA program that will give an annual opportunity for 15 Miami residents to learn to grow their own food, harvest weekly shares and end the year with access to all the resources and knowledge needed to create their own gardens, feed their families and create wealth in otherwise deemed food-deserts. Colony1 will also be providing free compost, mulch, cuttings and seeds for residents to constantly have access to all the tools necessary to grow their own food. In addition, the site will be home to Miami’s first zero packaging bulk food store. The store will provide local, high quality goods in bulk, so that residents can eat local at little cost by simply bringing in their own containers and filling up. This means less plastic, less trash, smaller carbon footprint, and healthier, interconnected local economy. Colony1 aims to serve as a catalyst and inspiration for every individual or group in Miami who want to be part of the solution to not only climate and economic change, but a greater change in their own community’s health, happiness, and enlightenment. Through the adoption of sustainable practices, connectivity automatically begins between people, whether they are temporary residents, neighbors, politicians, or local food producer, this connection is the vital part of moving any city towards resiliency.

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