Spanish Community Center

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309 N. Eastern Ave
United States

About Us

The Spanish Community Center is a community based organization dedicated to providing educational and social services.

Today's Center welcomes all the members of the community regardless of race or ethnic origin. We make ourselves as multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-lingual, and multi-generational with a Latino focus. We traditionally serve around 70% Hispanic, 25% African American, and 5% White. With the new wave of the Spanish speaking people moving into the area, equal to or grater than forty years ago, we need to again emphasize and expand programs that address the needs of new Spanish speaking residents.

Our mission is the provision of educational and social services. We provide a broad range of programs and services.We also provide a place for meetings and other organized events which contribute to an active and informed community as well as an inclusive, neighborhood center that reaches outside its immediate service area to serve other Spanish speaking residents in need of our services.

Over the last four decades the Spanish Community Center has evolved from an agency helping only the Spanish speaking people of the area to an agency providing help to the entire community.

Today’s programs and services welcome all members of the community regardless of race or ethnic origin.

Please consider making a donation. Contributions are tax deductible.