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About Us

Metro IAF is affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the nation’s first and largest network of multi- faith, broad-based citizen organizations, which has seven decades of experience winning tough battles on housing, health care, education, living wages, immigration rights, and other issues across the nation. Metro IAF’s 22 affiliates are located in the East, Midwest, and Southeast.  Metro IAF affiliates:
·      Passed the first living wage laws in the United States in Baltimore, MD & New York City;
·      Led the fight to win the first universal health care law in the US in Massachusetts;
·      Have built more than 6,000 owner-occupied homes for first time homebuyers with a foreclosure rate of less than 1%;
·      Won more than $1.8 billion to finance affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization in urban and suburban communities in MA, NY, PA, MD, DC, IL, and WI;
·      Created Child First Authority to support after-school programs in Baltimore and won $1 billion for new school construction in Baltimore;
·      Partnered with the NYC Department of Education to start four small quality public high schools and two charter schools, and create $300 million in new school construction;
·      Compelled Honeywell & PGE to complete $800 million in toxic chromium clean-ups in Jersey City & Hudson County, NJ;
·      Won in state tuition in Maryland & Connecticut for undocumented immigrant youth and drivers licenses for 27,000 undocumented immigrants in Connecticut; and
·      Launched one of the nation’s first and most successful health insurance cooperatives in the US, serving 37,000+ persons in SE Wisconsin.