Together Against Poverty Organization

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About Us


TAP Organization is a Community-Based Organization working with a community of Kuresoi South Sub-county in Nakuru County.

Poverty is an intensely entrenched wound that seeps deep into every aspect of culture and society in Kenya; Kuresoi South Sub-county being no exception. It includes sustained low levels of income for members of the community, lack of access to services, basic education, lack of access to markets for farm products, health care and communal facilities water, sanitation and communication.

Together Against Poverty, in this context therefore is mobilizing and gathering every effort and available resources in and outside Kuresoi South to combat poverty, and especially the factors that contribute to it, namely:

a) Youth unemployment

b) Preventable diseases

c) Poor quality basic education

d) Underpowered women

e) Dilapidation of environment and natural resources


Poverty as a social problem calls for a social solution. Therefore TAP Organisation has a mission to mobilize and tap every available effort and resource within and outside Kuresoi South to eradicate the extreme poverty among the pro-poor living in the community.


The organization’s Programs and activities revolve around five major fronts namely:

a) Quality Education for all

b) Youth empowerment

c) Women empowerment

d) Health

e) Environmental Conservation

The organization works closely with other CBOs, NGOs and other organized groups having similar objectives. It also recruits local and international volunteers who work in the community with TAP Organization in fulfilling its set goals.


TAP Organization envisages a Wealthy, Healthy and Enlightened community living in Kuresoi South Sub- County.


  • To create a generation that is awareness of its environment hence be actively involved in its sustainability, protection and improvement.
  • To mobilize and provide out-of-school youths with information and skill development for self-employment and income generation.
  • Increase women access to resources and information that enables them to make decisions that improve the wellbeing of their families and the community. Provide them with entrepreneur trainings and education so that they can create their own solutions to poverty.
  • To improve the quality and access to basic education with special focus on girl child, the poor and orphans and the vulnerable children in Kuresoi Sub- County.
  • To achieve sustainable improvement in Health status among the rural community in Kuresoi Sub- County