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About Us

International Ballet Institute aims to bring the highest levels of both classical ballet training and academia to as many promising talents as possible.  When a child, a talent, a dancer, is given the chance to develop their gifts in the realm of ballet, then a life is forever changed.  Through consistent applied effort, focused discipline, and nurtured artistry comes mastery, and through mastery comes true self confidence. This allows a human being to actualize their highest selves while unknowingly giving all those around them permission to do the same.

At IBI we recognize the deep power of this caliber of training and education.  It is a value that is immeasurable when producing the next generation of ballet artists, along with the next generation of citizens.  IBI fosters education and character in their dancers, preparing them to be truly qualified to take our society to the next levels of social and artistic evolution.

Here we seek not only to introduce ballet to potential dancers, but to give those dancers a real chance at excellence on every level.  Once they have developed their own gifts they will be equipped to lead the following generations to their own artistic heights, ensuring the futures of the dancers and the dance.