Ama Wheelies of Lydenburg

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About Us


Is farm life for you? Are you up to a challenge?

Ama Wheelies is a quadriplegic centre opened 27 November 2010 to take care of persons with spinal cord injury. Accidents cause severe neck and back injuries resulting in paralysis. A paralyzed person unable to use hands or feet is referred to as a quadriplegic. It is for such individuals, unable to take care of them self; that Ama Wheelies provide accommodation, employment opportunities and quality of life.

Paraplegic basketball and wheelchair Rugby is somne of the activities unless they are feeding the pigs or collecting eggs. Our next project to generate Electricity from the river - are you technically minded and able to help?

A secondary objective is to provide training and guidance; empowering quadriplegics and paraplegics living on their own or with families to better cope.

A feature of Ama Wheelies is that these disabled individuals take care of themselves! Situated outside Lydenburg no 6 Langdraai on Farm Rietfontein outside Lydenburg; here in RURAL Mpumalanga you can observe the hard work these DISADVANTAGED and DISABLED individuals are doing and why you need to help the