JIBIKA Foundation

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About Us

‘JIBIKA’ is a Bengali term meaning ‘Livelihood’ that refers to earning bread for survival. The objective of establishing the project is to create opportunities for those who are unemployed, underemployed or not in a position to recover from financial adversity afflicting their scope of survival.

JIBIKA would identify these people and find ways to employ or re-employ to an occupation that best suits their intellectual and financial ability. For example, a person might have lost all his belongings due to river erosion, loot, natural disaster or choosing a wrong occupation. A students might have just completed his ordinary bachelor but ineligible for employment for lack of technical skills. JIBIKA will try to rehabilitate him/her by converting him into a self-employed person with minimum investment and higher scope of sustainability. JIBIKA will convert the have-nots into small scale agri or FMCG vendors and also create platform for the unskilled students to pursue vocational training through a platform that will help them create earning ability on a sustainable basis.

The type of investment we are speaking here is not going to be more than USD 285 per person. Possible source of funding is Zakaat, Charity, Philanthropy and CSR.

Mode of Payment can be online payment from abroad, cheque, m-commerce, cash or buying goods that are required. Initially we are looking forward to creating employment for households and graduates.