Transgender Europe

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Heidelbergerstr. 63/64

About Us

Transgender Europe – TGEU is a European third sector, umbrella organization, which works towards the full equality and inclusion of all trans people in Europe. TGEU was founded in 2005, in Vienna, during the 1st European Transgender Council in Vienna and is today registered as an NGO under Austrian Law. Currently (August 2012) TGEU has 75 member organsations in 35 countries, from the wider Europe and beyond.

The biennial General Assembly elects the board and a steering committee, which form the governing bodies.

TGEU strives to achieve the organizational goals by

  • Advocating and promoting the rights of trans people and their communities with the European Institutions
  • Raising awareness on the issues that trans people and their communities ‘ experience
  • Engaging with Research, including undertaking First Class Research on trans people and their communities, including their experiences of:
  • Prejudice and discrimination, including bars to access to civil life
  • Employment, training and education
  • Accessing goods, services and facilities, including accessing the civil justice system, and
  • Experiences of crime and accessing the criminal justice system
  • Networking and building alliances with local, national, and regional governance and other NGOs
  • Developing tools for the empowerment of trans people and their communities within Europe, to enable engagement with civil life
  • TGEU works to enhance the Human Rights and Equality of trans people, without impinging on the Human Rights and Equality of any other person or group in society