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About Us

International Programs Department The International Programs Department of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) acts as a liaison between state legislatures and international organizations, foreign embassies, and parliaments from other countries, as well as domestic organizations with international interests. Because legislatures are the most representative institution of government state legislators and staff are in a unique position to support legislatures around the world and help them strengthen independent, representative, and well-informed legislative bodies. Drawing upon the vast resources of NCSL, the International Programs Department carries out several types of international programs with foreign counterparts around the globe, including technical assistance projects and legislative exchanges. NCSL also welcomes over two-hundred international delegates at Annual Legislative Summits.

NCSL's International Programs Department:

Develops professional exchange programs between legislators, legislative staff, and their foreign legislative counterparts; Identifies NCSL's unique resources and formulates interaction with foreign legislatures through technical assistance projects, study tours, needs assessments, workshops, internships and/or seminars; Hosts official international delegations and familiarizes them with NCSL, federalism, and state legislatures; Determines the extent of current international activities in state legislatures and provides assistance to those attempting to establish international programs; and Encourages informational networking with other organizations that have similar interests.