BCBC Productions, Inc.

  • California

About Us

Who or What is BCBC?

BCBC is short for the Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show. We are an adult educational organization that works to educate people around topics of Sex, Body, and Gender positivity. We have fun doing it through podcasts and blogs and we make sure out audience has fun too.

We are one of the fastest growing podcasts on the internet. We produce multiple shows a week with a small all volunteer team. We jokingly refer to ourselves as the sexiest, most inclusive barnyard on the internet! Check us out at www.bcbcpodcast.com.

Our Mission

BCBC Productions, Inc. is a nonprofit organization focused on providing educational and entertaining information to a diverse audience around Body, Gender, and Sex Positivity. It is our hope to foster learning, acceptance, and a celebration of the diversity as well as the sameness in this world.

Our Values

BCBC Productions, Inc. believes our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

  • Inclusiveness – We actively seek out to include people from all backgrounds (race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and sexual orientation, beliefs, religions, socio-economic status and more) to work with internally in our volunteers and externally as guests on our show. We celebrate the diversity in our community. Our strength and success as an organization are built on the foundation of a wide range of perspectives and experiences. We want to create a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome.
  • Participation – We value and recognize the contribution of our team members, guests and audience. We welcome input, feedback, and genuine interest in being a part of our mission and will strive to use this information to continually improve our products and services.
  • Quality – We believe we can be excellent through continuous improvement. We will do our very best every time to delivery exceptional products and services. We will take feedback and input and implement continuous changes wherever possible, to ensure we grow and adapt to the needs our mission.
  • Integrity – We are professional and honest in our working relationships. We strive for equity and fairness in our decision making and in our treatment of one another. We honor our commitments. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards.
  • Openness and Open-mindedness – We will be be present in our interactions, and work in an environment of transparency, dignity and respect. We understand we do not know or see everything, but look forward to embracing change with an open mind, acting with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow and to share that knowledge with others.
  • Fun – We believe we should enjoy what we are doing and that we should share that joy with our audience.
  • Networking and Community – We believe in establishing lasting relationships by exceeding expectations and gaining trust through exceptional performance by every member of our organization.