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About Us

Why: OC in Motion is a county-wide partnership aimed at empowering local communities to develop strategies, programs and policies to encourage physical activity in our children.

The partnership has three long-term goals: 1. Increase awareness of the importance of physical activity in kids (60 minutes/day) 2. Encourage public policy that supports healthy and active living, including the access and availability of open space with our communities 3. Decrease the instances of type II diabetes and other obesity related illnesses.

The vision of OC in Motion is to “eradicate childhood obesity in our lifetime”.

History: In 2004, the YMCA of the USA launched a nationwide effort called Activate America, aimed at addressing the epidemic of obesity in our nation. The strategies include (1) raising the visibility of lifestyle health issues in the national policy debate, and (2) encouraging and supporting local communities in developing more effective strategies to promote lifestyle health.