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About Us

Inside Detroit showcases Detroit’s assets, from its attractions to its small businesses to its community. When people see Detroit through our eyes they become invested: they spend money at local businesses, they spread the word about the positive things happening in Detroit, and most importantly, they are happy to be in Detroit whether they are here for a day or a lifetime. Detroit’s future, as well as Michigan’s, depends on attracting and retaining talent, growing small businesses and collaborating as a region. What we offer is simple but powerful - a Detroit that defies expectations, full of creativity, opportunity and community where talent, business and collaboration thrive.

Vision Our vision is to be the premier organization that creates positive perceptions, spurs economic development and cultivates a more vibrant, energetic Detroit. Downtown Welcome Center Inside Detroit operates a Welcome Center in downtown Detroit which offers maps and information to anyone wishing to know more about the city, be they local, from the surrounding suburbs or from another city or country. We’ve had over 1000 people through the doors in the last 3 months alone. We assist visitors with directions, transportation options, living options, finding great shopping and fun things to do and see in the city like the Riverwalk, museums, bars and restaurants, festivals and events. The Welcome Center helps visitors find the part of Detroit that makes them love the city, too. The Welcome Center now proudly boasts The Local 1253, a retail endeavor selling locally produced and handmade products made by 50 Detroit-based artists, designers and entrepreneurs. Visitors can get completely unique Detroit souvenirs and products and the creators have an outlet for selling their handiwork. Other member-based non-profits use the Welcome Center as a meeting location and Detroit based entrepreneurs work in the space, bouncing ideas off one another forming a grass-roots business incubator.

Tours Inside Detroit’s revenue currently comes from our walking tours, bus tours, experiential tours and introductions to those living, working and playing in Detroit provided by knowledgeable qualified guides.

Public offerings include our basic “Downtown Highlights” walking tours, Segway tours, and bus tours. A Dequindre Cut Segway tour and bus tours of Southwest Detroit & Corktown, The Woodward Corridor tour and the Eastside Detroit tour.

The majority of our tours are customized for groups including downtown corporations, hotels, students and suburban recreation/affinity groups.