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The BNI Foundation
The BNI Foundation funds grass-roots projects worldwide that provide educational opportunities for underprivileged children.  Examples of recent grant recipients include Boys and Girls Clubs USA, The Thinkery of Austin, and Friends of Thai Daughters' Sunflower School of Chang Rai.  

Now is an especially exciting time to join the BNI Foundation as it embarks on a growth plan to broaden its US footprint and expand its international impact.  The Foundation, which has actively solicited grant proposals since 1998, recently received approval as a 501c(3).

The BNI Foundation was started by Dr. Ivan and Beth Misner. Dr. Misner founded BNI in 1985.  BNI is the recognized worldwide leader in business networking.  With over 7,400 chapters meeting every week in 65 countries, BNI has grown to over 200,000 member-businesses.  Many professionals within BNI financially support and also help lead the BNI Foundation. The BNI Foundation is pioneering the concept of Cause Networking, harnessing BNI's networking aptitude and Givers Gain® philosophy to benefit children and education.