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About Us

At YOOOU (a Spanish NGO with the headoffice in Madrid, whose main objective is to break the vicious circle of poverty through education projects and microloans)we have come up with an idea of a mobile fundraising application - we called it UFeed.

UFeed raises money and awareness for the world's most trusted small and medium NGOs. Using the power of smartphone revolution and social media UFeed aims to transform compulsive buying and bad eating habits into a conscious charity activity!


· Easy way to donate to reliable causes – each donation requires just 4 clicks

· By saving causes under 'favorites' the donation process is reduced to just 3 clicks

· Shows an impact of microdonations – proves how much can be done for very little

We promote responsible consumption inviting people all over the world to share their needless calories with the starving ones. We also act as a platform for small and medium NGOs with more effective resources than huge NGOs to promote their projects and collect money donations. We believe that especially these small NGOs should have their voice heard on various channels as their work meet local needs but often is underfinanced.

We want to make their projects become reality!