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About Us

Our mission is to promote gender equality, launch partnerships for the development of our communities, achieve 100% post secondary education for our students, and provide opportunities for the underprivileged to succeed. In our efforts to cultivate the social, economical and intellectual progress of those living in underdeveloped regions, we promote a model through the development of communal, athletic, cultural and educational activities. JMJ SPORTING FOUNDATION’s model for our programs in North America and Worldwide fosters a unique environment which furthers the accomplishment of JMJ SF mission based on our social commitment to “TOGETHER WITH LOVE WE SUCCEED”.

With a primary goal to provide the local communities with an afterschool Academic Enrichment Mathematics program integrated with an Excelsior Sporting program. The program partners up with local schools to utilize their facilities to create a community that participates in the Enrichment Academic Programs as well as our Excelsior Sport Program at no additional cost to the school or participants.