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About Us

TLRH works with clients and communities from a foundational premise that restoring and addressing root causes makes for sustained and productive growth.  As such, we start from the premise that there is inherent value and worth in every individual AND there is unlimited potential if we can assist clients in acknowledging that worth and discovering their core talents and abilities.  TLRH’s three focus areas work to build individuals while providing the basic human needs that must be met before a concentrated effort can be initiated to build self worth and raise personal expectations. 

We will provide several outreach programs that support economically disadvantaged citizens.  Lily’s is an upscale boutique that provides career clothing and semi-formal wear for citizens re-entering the workforce, or who have been adversely affected by economic conditions.  Lily’s works with clients to develop a career wardrobe that will take them through the application, interview process, and the first few paychecks.  Rather than leaving the boutique with a few separates, client will receive, free of charge, a complete wardrobe that can be mixed and matched to provide weeks of professional outfits that will improve confidence during the initial hiring process.