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About Us

Sikhs for Justice is a US base, nonprofit, tax-exempt 501 (c ) (3) human rights advocacy group with its registered office at Empire State Building, NY NY. Sikhs for Justice is established in 2007 to give the global Sikh community an international platform with mission: • To provide legal advocacy on issues involving human rights violations, racism and religious and cultural intolerance through advocacy, public policy, public education, and litigation. • To document human rights violations and work with different human rights organizations on the issue of genocide of the Sikhs since early eighties. • To enhance and ensure the full and equal participation of the Sikhs in civic and political activities of national, international and humanitarian nature; • To create a strong global Sikh caucus to promote and lobby issues involving the Sikh community. • To bridge the gap and open dialogue with representatives of various state and federal agencies on issues involving the Sikh community. • To advance the political empowerment of the Sikhs through education, community outreach, and leadership development. In collaboration with All India Sikh Students Federation, Sikhs for Justice is striving to disseminate true and correct information, statistics, figures and data regarding the Genocide of Sikhs in November 1984 to the international community and to create considerate public opinion. Sikhs for Justice is mobilizing Human Rights Groups, International Community and Governments on a common platform to punish those responsible for November 1984 Sikh Genocide