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Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) is a nonprofit organization that currently advises on and manages more than $200 million in annual giving by individuals, families, corporations and major foundations. Continuing the Rockefeller family’s legacy of thoughtful, effective philanthropy, RPA remains at the forefront of philanthropic growth and innovation, with a diverse team led by experienced grant makers with significant depth of knowledge across the spectrum of issue areas. Founded in 2002, RPA has grown into one of the world’s largest philanthropic service organizations and, as a whole, has facilitated more than $3 billion in grant making to nearly 70 countries. RPA serves as a fiscal sponsor for more than 40 projects, providing governance, management and operational infrastructure to support their charitable purposes. For more information, please go to www.rockpa.org. RPA serves as fiscal sponsor beginning in support increased programmatic and award making activities of the program beginning in 2017.


SPIRIT ALIGNED LEADERSHIP of North American Indigenous Women and Girls PROGRAM

Under the fiscal sponsorship of RPA the Spirit Aligned Leadership Program aims to strengthen Indigenous communities to address pressing systemic problems and oppressions through investing in and elevating the inherent power of North American Indigenous women and girls. Launching in the Summer 2017, Spirit Aligned Leadership Program will continue to grow in scale and complexity. Spirit Aligned Leadership of Indigenous Women and Girls Program will invite in annual cohorts of elder women leaders  - all grassroots organizers and cultural practitioners - each of whom will be awarded a three-year Fellowship opportunity that supports their increased personal, collective and public impact and sustainability across interrelated focus areas: Violence against girls, women and the earth, Leadership of Indigenous girls and women, Indigenous cultural expression, Healing from historic trauma and oppression, and Indigenous education. The experiences, expertise and narratives of Indigenous elder leader women working in and with North American Indigenous communities, informs the Spirit Aligned Program design that is aimed at developing leadership capacities for Indigenous women and girls.