Hospice Saint Joseph

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About Us

Mission Statement Hospice St Joseph, a ministry of the Diocese of Norwich CT, is a community committed to working hand in hand with our Haitian sisters and brothers in pursuit of a better life by providing health care, education and hospitality services. Vision for Hospice St. Joseph 2008-2015

Inspired by our mission and core values, Hospice St. Joseph will function as a community bound by shared ownership and mutual obligation among those served, those with whom we serve, and those who sponsor and support our mission.

In pursuit of a better life for our Haitian brothers and sisters and through the integration of services Hospice St. Joseph will provide:

-quality health care, especially for women and children -access to education that engenders discovery in our students of their role in shaping the world of tomorrow -an environment of hospitality which promotes networking and collaboration among individuals and organizations in Haiti.

Hospice St. Joseph is committed to effective and responsible stewardship of resources for the sustainable growth of Hospice St. Joseph.