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About Us

YourStory International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to challenging the traditional models of international aid by empowering communities to create their own sustainable social and economic change. Our model of aid involves designing programs based on local perspectives and leadership, as well as our own ethnographic research. Together, these programs take a holistic approach to community empowerment by advancing areas such as health, business development, and education.

YourStory embraces a startup mentality, preserving the flexibility necessary to deliver aid directly to local partners where it can have an immediate impact. Although YourStory was only founded in July of 2014, we have already conducted several trips to Pont Morel and Leogane in Haiti, and plan to establish a permanent, fully-staffed community center in the near future. Additionally, YourStory recently completed a pilot STEM education camp in Jonestown, Mississippi, and plans to host the camp again next year in conjunction with our local partner organization.

With a rapidly-expanding volunteer base, YourStory looks forward to pioneering new approaches to community empowerment as well as maintaining strong, lasting relationships with our local partners.