Chester County Peace Movement

  • Pennsylvania


PO Box 803
West Chester
United States

About Us

The Chester County Peace Movement formed as a coalition of individuals in Pennsylvania in 2002 in response to the threat of war against Iraq to establish a combined voice to express support of all efforts for world peace, and, more specifically, opposition to a war with Iraq. In less than four months, CCPM grew to a mailing list of more than 700 people, representing at least 1,000 people in Chester County.

CCPM members represent all political parties, levels of income, and occupations, as well as people of all (or no) religious faiths. We charge no membership fee, and we even provide financial assistance for activities that charge fees. Our mission is to work toward a peaceful and just world by promoting peace and justice internationally, nationally, and locally; bearing witness for peace and justice; educating and informing the public about peace and justice issues and events; and supporting the welfare and dignity of military personnel and their families.