Bronx Academy of Letters

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About Us

When the Bronx Academy of Letters opened its doors as a high school in September 2003, our founders – a dedicated team of students, parents, teachers, and community leaders – were united by a single idea: students who can express themselves clearly in writing can do better in any path they choose in life.

Today, our rigorous, college-preparatory academic program spans grades six through twelve.  Our core curriculum is standards-based, with an intense focus on developing literacy and problem-solving across the disciplines. It includes honors and AP courses, master-level arts electives, externships, and independent study courses. In the study of language, specifically, we offer a separate four-year series of writing classes in addition to a four-year series of literature classes.

In addition to challenging academic work, we are also committed to promoting flexible, self-motivated learning outside of the classroom. Our writers in residence run workshops during and after school as well as coordinate the Writers’ Forum reading series, in which our students convene to hear from professional writers of every genre. Our teachers facilitate a wide variety of extracurricular arts and athletics programs, including drama, art, chorus, debate, baseball and boys and girls’ basketball and track. During the year, our students participate in regular field trips to arts institutions, colleges and universities. And during the summer months, our student services team helps connect students with jobs, internships, and programs that allow them to travel all over the world.

Recently, we partnered with the Let's Get Ready SAT Prep program. From February to April, our Juniors and select sophomores will be cultivating their test taking skills in preperation for the college application process. Additionally, after applying for the DYCD grant, we've partnered  with the East Side House Settlement to provide comprehensive after school programming for our middle school.

At Bronx Letters, we celebrate hard work, curiosity, self-expression, and service. Our graduates are highly articulate, critical readers and writers, fully prepared to tackle the opportunities they’ll meet in college and their careers. They are capable problem solvers. They take pride in their independence, organization, and confidence. They celebrate their engagement with and service to the community. They are healthy, energized, and fit.  They cultivate and pursue wide and varied ambitions to be anything from poets, journalists, and musicians to politicians, doctors, and scientists. They are ready to maximize their learning and growth – not only during their college years, which serve as the gateway to so much future opportunity and success, but throughout their lives.