Lesbians of Color Symposium Collective, Inc

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One Cityview Lane
Suite 614
United States

About Us

It is quite evident that there are gross disparities that exist regarding access to community and resources for lesbians of of color in Boston and surrounding areas. Concurrently, there are very few organizations dedicated to providing services solely to LBTQ women of color.

This unfortunate truth has been the standing reality for many years, however, we stand to say-- NO More.

Our vision is to create a space/platform for LBTQ identified women of color in the city of Boston and surrounding areas to come together to celebrate our vibrant culture, solidify our community, and strengthen our presence within the LGBTQ community.

We hope to do so by establishing the following:

• Developing partnerships with regional and national organizations that serve and support LBTQ identified women of color and streamlining their resources into our communities.

• Encouraging open, honest, and conscious, dialogue/discussions within our community.

• Empowering through activism, education, and networking .