Integrated Rural Development Organisation

About Us

The Integrated Rural Development Organisation (IRDO) since its inception has involved in integrating the developmental activities of the community especially for the Women and youth folks. Managed by a group of young people from various backgrounds and experience, has proven tracks of sustainable developments in the community development and individuals in the community.

IRDOs Employment Generation Training Scheme is one among the programmes which identifies young people both men and women for training them for quicker employments. It’s a twin program of identifying the needs of the young people especially employment and the tracing of placement opportunities in nearby industries and factories has changed the course for economic development of an individual and community development rapidly. Thus IRDO is both an employment caterer for the people and the industries.

One of the part of the programme of Training youth for quicker employment opportunities, IRDO has identified Information Technology (Computers), skill training for young women in the traditional ways such as pickle and jam making, making of paper bags and plates (to replace plastic bags), manufacturing simple chemicals (Phenyl, Inks and dies) tailoring courses etc. Computers professionals for DTP, Graphics, etc are in high demand in India, IRDO trains young people in these areas so as to get quicker placements to their students. The youth are not only trained in their respective interests but also are trained to develop their communication skills especially in English language which is highly expected skills in placements, personality development, Interview exposure etc. Since its commencement of this Scheme it has trained about 751 young men and women and has placed already 628 of them at various job levels. And IRDO expects to train nearly 1000 young men and women all from rural areas in the next 18 months.

On the other, IRDO has formed 4 Rural Placements Cells (RPC) which liaisons to place their students in their nearby factories and industries. The placement cells are like employment exchanges exclusively for rural youths sometimes even registering other educated youths and students who are not linked with the training programmes of IRDO. A periodic report of the quality of training and the students is obtained from the Companies which has taken our students in the jobs. This helps us to review our training methodology to the expectation of the employers.

As part of IRDO’s programmes forming of Self Help Groups in the villages and women trained under the scheme the RPC helps in obtaining loan from Banks and financial agencies on low interest for establishing Small Scale industries. IRDO also helps the women community to market the home made products, thus the RPCs are more than a employment exchange which thrives for self-employment and sustainable economic development of a community and individuals.

Thus these programmes in the rural villages in the districts of Kancheepuram and Thiruvallor in the state of Tamil Nadu has changed the living standard and economy of the rurals in major ways.

After the Tsunami IRDO succeeded in providing relief to the victims