The Ngak Mang Institute

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About Us

The Ngak Mang Institute was developed as a worldwide non-profit organization in 2000. Its mission is to preserve the cultural and non-monastic spiritual Ngakpa Tibetan tradition in modern society.

Ngak Mang USA Mission Statement:

To spearhead and support programs contributing to the preservation, development, and sustainability of Tibetan society for future generations.

Our Vision:

Ngak Mang USA is committed to making a positive impact on Tibetan communities across Amdo (Qinghai, Gansu), Kham (Sichuan, Yunnan), and U-Tsang (Tibet).

Internationally, the United States office focuses on initiatives benefiting Tibetan culture, educational instruction and outreach, health and wellness, economic and societal development, and the environment.

Domestically, Ngak Mang USA spearheads programs which educate Americans about Tibet and promote the study of Tibetan Traditional Medicine and Massage. NMI welcomes active participation from its members to work towards its objectives.

Together, we can work to promote the social development of Tibet as we inherit and carry forward Ngakpa culture worldwide.