Border Green Energy Team and Grace Garden

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Mae Sot


About Us

Grace Garden is a Sustainable Living and Learning Center based around a farm in Western Thailand.

We train local peoples (primarily Burmese) in sustainable village level technology and agriculture using our farm as the classroom. Set in a small Karen village and overlooking Myanmar the garden is a beautiful spot with tons of potential. 

We are an NGO with a education arm represented at Grace Garden. We are helping local people (mostly Burmese) to better use their land to in more Economically, Environmentally and Socially Sustainable ways. We are looking for people to assist the teaching staff as well as help with farming and maintaining the grounds. Those interested in helping with teaching are definitely welcome as well.

We usually prefer to exchange a few emails followed by a Skype interview. If everything works out and you are coming to work, we can meet you in Mae Sot, Tak. From there Grace Garden, sitting in the small village of Noh Bo, is only 2 hours away.

Please take a look at us at or Border Green Energy Team on Facebook