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Gros Morne


About Us

Passionate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and witnessing to the legacy of Catherine McAuley, Focus on Haiti (FOH) members are led to service and solidarity with people who are materially poor, especially those living in Haiti. We partner with the Haitian people to meet their unmet needs and collaborate with like-minded organizations.
Focus on Haiti program elements include fostering economic development in Gros Morne, especially for women; expanding educational and vocational training opportunities for women and children; and establishing a base for Mercy-initiated immersion experiences that lead to longer-term relationships benefitting women and children in Haiti. Through a partnership that has been established with The Religious of Jesus and Mary (RJMs), Focus on Haiti will have the opportunity to build, and creatively strengthen, programs already developed. Focus on Haiti will be part of supporting a vision, as well as capacity, for integrated community development in Gros Morne.