Erie RISE Leadership Academy

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About Us

About Erie R.I.S.E Leadership Academy:


To provide students with a gender-based academic achievement environment of excellence that encourages a love for learning. Our school will promote excellence in staff, curricula, technology, wellness, global leadership development, world language, life skills, family involvement, and community partnerships. 


To establish a gender-based K-12 school with a strong foundation that produces students who are academically successful, meet and exceed local, state, and national standards, and No Child Left Behind expectations.  A major focus of the Erie R.I.S.E Leadership Academy Charter School (ERLA) will be to provide a multitude of necessary services to our students and their families.  Knowing that our families/parents are the first and primary educators of our students, we will encourage and support a positive home and community-learning environment.  This will enable our students to successfully accomplish his or her dreams, our school’s mission, the goals of their community and the world around them.  We want them to experience more of life’s successes as well as have a positive impact on their world.  We envision a school that operates on the philosophy that, it takes a “focused and caring” village to raise a child. We need a village that is willing and able to raise an at-promise child.