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Sierra Leone

About Us

RURAL LIFE is an independent, indigenous, non-profit and non-political community based organisation, which was founded in Sierra Leone in 1998; with the aim of meeting the pressing and emergency need, rendering welfare and socio-economic development assistance to the rural people.

The rural section where Rural Life is operating is poorly developed in terms of socio-economic development. These areas are inaccessible due to results of bad road network and the long stay of Revolutionary United Front -The Rebels.

These areas are really left out and in misery of extreme poverty. The rebels cause again poor villages and towns to be their strong hold base adding and inviting more injuries and extreme hardship and poverty that cause descendants to migrate to neighbouring country -Guinea for safety and protection.

Their longer staying cause women to be sex slaves, domestic labour force, raped victims, abductions, mutilations, outbreak of sicknesses and diseases. Such as HIV/AIDS, STDs, PAINS, MALARIA, etc, Rural Life focussed on Integrated rural community development of the people including farmers and dependents.

Integration of each projects take care of different aspects of rural life and tends to the creation of a self-supporting mentality about agriculture, farming, education, literacy, health and domestic chores. The involvement of Rural Life beneficiaries especially the women and children who are the suffering masses in the implementation as a corporative movement answers a basic requirement for self-reliance in all projects.

Rural Life is more working with women farmers in villages in the Koinadugu District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. Activities are gaining momentum in the chiefdoms. Therefore, Rural Life was founded to meet the needs of the rural poor.