Akili Dada

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About Us

Akili Dada is an international Non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of Kenya's leaders includes women from diverse economic backgrounds. We achieve this by:

  • Providing scholarships and leadership training to bright young women scholars from impoverished families.
  • Connecting these future leaders to a growing network of peers and professional Kenyan women who serve as mentors.
  • Providing a leadership training program designed to empower our scholars’ growth into agents of change beginning with action in their home communities.

We believe that:

  • Justice is served when there is a diversity of leaders’ voices at the policy making table.
  • That access to education and leadership training is critical to poor women’s ability to participate in the policy making process as leaders.

Through these efforts Akili Dada is creating a core of educated and empowered young women who are positioned to be part of the next generation of Kenyan leaders.