Brighter Ghana Foundation

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About Us

Brighter Ghana Foundationis a non-governmental organization that is working towards the betterment of deprived communities through volunteering. It is based in Accra the capital of Ghana.The Foundation has its mission statement as "A brighter Ghana for us and generations to come". The Foundation will do this by its many projects and programs it puts in place focusing on its areas of operation. The organization is registered with the Registrar Generals Department under the companies' code of 1963 (Act 179) with a registration number CG026092012.

Brighter Ghana Foundationis a non-profit organization with no political or religious affiliation. It has tentative areas within which it draws programs and projects to alleviate poverty drastically within the Ghanaian community through our sponsors and volunteering. These tentative areas from which our programs and projects are drawn are as follows.


·Undertaking health and sanitation projects

·Providing voluntary work for foreign nationals to help raise funds and provide support

·Encourage the girl child education policy

·Education in information technology and

·Gender equality in the country