Society for the Promotion of Initiatives in Sustainable Development and Welfare (SOPISDEW) Cameroon

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About Us

We are a non-profit, apolitical and volunteering development NGO with head office in Elak–Oku rural community in the North West Region of Cameroon. Our work is strictly community focused and geared towards enhancing and promoting sustainable development and welfare for the rural and indigenous people. We intend to meet up with the UN set Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and beyond as a local priority.

Our mission is

  • Reducing poverty and improving on the livelihood of the rural and indigenous people through volunteering and participation schemes so that people can meet up with a sustainable lifestyle for peace and posterity.
  • Promoting and protecting the cultural identity and natural heritage of rural and indigenous communities.

Our Key areas of intervention include

1- Volunteering.

2- Health, water, sanitation, agriculture, forestry and livestock.

3- Education, counseling and social welfare, youths and culture.

4- Human rights, good governance and conflict management.

5- Sustainable livelihoods.

6- Information and communication technologies.