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About Us

The Organization

Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) is a mission-driven, non-profit organization based in Boston, MA. Our mission is to improve health by transforming care through Centering groups. In over 470 clinical practice sites across the U.S., Centering takes patients out of the exam room into a supportive group setting that empowers them to better care for themselves and their children. Clinical studies have reported significant improvement in health outcomes for patients in Centering group care compared to those in traditional care. CHI helps clinical practice sites, our “clients”, implement the system changes and staff training necessary to ensure fidelity to the Centering care model and ensure long-term sustainability.

We embrace diversity and look for employees who are passionate, curious and eager for the challenge of changing healthcare.

CHI has partnered with HRO as it HR Services Company for the past 10 years and values this relationship. HRO helps CHI with all aspects of Human Resources including finding qualified and dedicated staff to help develop our mission and support our clients.