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About Us

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life by improving vision, preventing blindness, and advancing medical knowledge through community-based research. We focus on the under-served population of Hawai‘i and the general public, providing free vision retinal eye screenings in our state-of-the-art Project Vision bus. Since beginning in 2007, Project Vision has provided free screenings to nearly 12,000 participants, detecting pathology in one or both eyes for over 40% screened inside of our mobile clinic .We have 4 programs that are summarized below. Project Vision Hawai`i’s "Better Vision for the Keiki" project, where we target children specifically with vision and school readiness screenings. In our "Better Vision for a Better Life" eyeglasses for the underprivileged project, we provide comprehensive eye screening and prescription glasses for the uninsured and underinsured individuals. WE...a hui for Health is a wellness collaboration coordinated under Project Vision Hawai`i. We provide our wellness screening events statewide, with community coordinators based on each island to provide services in areas of with access to health issues. We define this as those who have trouble accessing health care because it is geographically difficult, costly, or not culturally desirable. Project Vision Hawai`i also has started a program working with community health centers and hospitals to screen diabetics.