Net Organisation for Youth Empowerment and Development (NOYED-Ghana)

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About Us


The Net Organization for Youth Empowerment and Development (NOYED – Ghana) was established and registered under the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana in the year 2005 and operates as a Non – Governmental, Non for Profit Organization (NGO). NOYED – Ghana is also registered with the National Youth Authority (NYA – Tamale) as a youth related organization. It was formed by a group of young people who were trained in community development through volunteerism by the Ghana Red Cross Society – Tamale and other youth led organizations such as the Ghana United Nations Students and Youth Associations (GUNSA), the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) and other school based organizations.

Although, formed and led by youth to serve as a VOICE for the VOICELESS and to champion the development of the youth and the less endowed communities, NOYED – Ghana has among her team well experienced individuals who provide technical backup to the implementation of the programmes and projects of the organization. These people are critically selected with technical expertise in the thematic areas of the organizations which are education, Health, Human Rights/Gender/Good governance and Livelihood Empowerment.

2.Vision, Mission and Objective Statement:

The Vision of NOYED – Ghana is “An improved quality life of youth and the vulnerable (women and children) in society, for sustainable development” The Mission is “To foster networking as forces for cost effective intervention towards the implementation of sustainable programmes.”

NOYED – Ghana seeks to achieve the vision through the following objectives:

·To ensure access and enhance quality education for all children especially those in the northern part of Ghana.

·Improve the socio – economic status of women through income generating activities.

·To empower the youth towards responsible citizenship and voluntarism through capacity building and orientation and participation in decision making.

·To promote equity, good governance and leadership of women.

·To improve health of especially women and children in the society.

·Sensitize the public on the menace of HIV/AIDS, other Sexually Transmitted Diseases and other out breaks.

Advocate and propagate the message of human rights, mutual interdependence and peace.

Our Approach:

To achieve the objectives, NOYED – Ghana uses multi – disciplinary strategies in the implementation of her activities and projects in line with her thematic areas. These strategies include education and sensitization, capacity building and training workshops, advocacy and behavior change communications as well as direct service deliveries using voluntarism as the key driver of sustainable and lasting change in the communities NOYED-Ghana works.

3. Our Partners:

Currently, NOYED-Ghana is supported by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)/ Comic Relief, STAR-Ghana and other individuals. NOYED-Ghana is also a member of serveral networks and coalitions both locally and internationally and is currently serving as the Lead Agency in Northern Region for the Northern Network for Education Development (NNED), an education Networks that pushes for quality basic education for the people of Northern Ghana (Northern Region, Upper East and Upper West).

4. Intervention Areas

  • Education
  • Health
  • Livelihood
  • Good Governance and Gender