Gardens for Health International

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About Us

Gardens for Health International (GHI) is an innovative, growing non-profit that provides lasting agricultural solutions to the problem of chronic malnutrition. Currently working in Rwanda's Gasabo District, GHI partners with rural health clinics to equip families who face malnutrition with the resources and know-how for greater self-sufficiency.

Our work is designed to shift the paradigm of dependency to one of prevention and self-sufficiency, by moving away from short-term handouts and equipping farmers with the skills and resources to grow their own nutritious food. We do this by meeting people and families where they are, bringing agricultural solutions to rural health clinics in regions with a high prevalence of chronic child malnutrition.

Our integrated approach combines intensive home-based agricultural assistance and participatory peer-to-peer heath and nutrition education, providing our clients with the tools to break the cycle of malnutrition. By partnering with local clinics and the Rwandan Ministry of Health, we are able to leverage existing resources and ensure that our programs are meeting and responding to the needs of families struggling with malnutrition.

GHI has received numerous accolades, including awards and support from JP Morgan, DELL, Echoing Green, Ashoka and the Segal Family Foundation. We are a partner of the Rwandan Ministry of Health, and have working relationships with local government officials and other NGOs. This fall, we will be working in 18 partner health clinics in two districts of Rwanda.

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