Saint Raymond Academy for Girls

  • NY

About Us

PHILOSOPHY OF ST. RAYMOND ACADEMY St. Raymond Academy is a small Catholic High School for young women. It is a community of educators, students, parents, and staff. Although we identify ourselves as a parish school, we draw our students from a variety of neighborhoods in New York City.

As disciples of the gospel, we recognize our obligation to guide our students to an appreciation of learning that will not only enable them to realize their God-given potential, but will prepare them, as responsible members of the world community, to make their unique contribution to society.

We value an education that fosters the pursuit of truth and broadens our students’ horizons. We encourage them to accept and respect the diversities among peoples, to live in harmony with others, and to seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

Believing in the value of single sex education, we strive to foster in our students a pride in their womanhood, and seek to provide them with the tools necessary to develop into capable, self-confident adults.

As educators, we are committed to excellence. We strive to provide an educational program that will empower our students to make critical judgments so that they can interact responsibly in a global society.

In addition, we seek to develop an appreciation of our Christian tradition and an awareness of our American heritage, recognizing at the same time the variety of cultures and traditions which have contributed to that heritage.


St. Raymond Academy, a small Catholic High School for young women in an urban setting, inspires students to reach their God-given potential in a safe, supportive, and diverse environment. Through a state- approved curriculum and extra-curricular activities, we encourage our students to seek and value truth. By empowering them with an education that promotes a commitment to excellence, self-discipline, and strong Christian values, we challenge our students to become successful and accountable in a dynamic society.


1. To develop in each student an appreciation of her intrinsic self-worth. 2. To engender in students a sense of social responsibility. 3. To establish an atmosphere that reflects Christian values and encourages students to develop a personal relationship with God. 4. To provide a curriculum that meets the needs and abilities of the students. 5. To foster a desire for learning. 6. To cultivate in each student a sense of responsibility for her actions. 7. To prepare students to succeed in a world of increased diversity, technological change, and global economics.



1. We believe in a high school that is a community of students, educators, parents, and benefactors with a common mission.2. We believe in creating an educational atmosphere that reflects our Catholic tradition and Christian values, inspiring in each student a personal relationship with God. 3. We believe in encouraging a lifelong desire for learning. 4. We believe in educating students to become contributing members in society. 5. We believe in preparing students to succeed in a world of technological change and global economics without compromising honesty. 6. We believe in fostering in each student the development of a moral character that cultivates a sense of responsibility and accountability for her actions. 7. We believe in responding to the needs and abilities of our students. 8. We believe in the value of a single- sex education that fosters in our students self- respect, self- worth, and a pride in their womanhood. 9. We believe in accepting and appreciating the religious and cultural diversity among people while celebrating the oneness of our nation.