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About Us

Bustan Qaraaqa is a permaculture project promoting sustainable, creative solutions to problems of environmental degradation and food and water insecurity facing the local community. We have a permaculture farm located in Bethlehem area where we live, work, experiment and implement different designs concerning agroforestry, regenerative design, aquaculture, ecological building, food and compost treatment and environment education. We experiment on our farm to develop appropriate technologies and practices to promote and implement with our community partners to help them to keep their homes, access natural resources and protect their community and the quality of the local environment.

We have an all year volunteer program that involve working on site at the farm, as well as helping out in our community projects. We also seek internships, read more on our website for further information, and don´t hesitate of writing us an email at bustanqaraaqa@gmail.com if you have any questions or inquires.