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About Us

Maddie’s® Fund and Humane Network, working with the support of the Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation, are launching a statewide campaign to revolutionize the well-being of cats and dogs in Nevada. The three-year project will create a sustainable safety net for cats and dogs through a two-pronged approach: increasing shelters’ live-release rates to over 90% in every community and providing access to veterinary care in underserved urban and rural areas.

To do this, we will work closely with animal shelters, government agencies, rescue groups, other organizations and individual animal lovers to combine their strengths to achieve results. We will provide mentoring, networking, and data- and program-development opportunities. We will coordinate public events that celebrate pets and their adoption. We will provide targeted assistance to existing organizations to fill key gaps in lifesaving services. We will cultivate and support new and existing shelter and rescue group leaders. And we will do it all with fun and excitement that inspires and engages communities and individuals.