Voice of Hope Ministries

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4120 Gentry Dr.
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About Us

Voice of Hope Ministries, Inc., founded in 1982, is a Christian community center founded on principles of self-help, spiritual enrichment and urban renewal. Voice of Hope Ministries exists to provide children living in the neighborhoods of West Dallas with strong character models, education support, life skills, and family support services needed to become productive Christian citizens. Inner-city families are equipped with resources and skills needed to overcome and break the poverty cycle.

The main goal of Voice of Hope is to reveal the love and character of Jesus Christ to the West Dallas area through service. Our desire is that, through the demonstration and proclamation of the Gospel, many will come to know Christ personally and Christ-like leadership will emerge from the community. As we concentrate our energies on evangelism and discipleship, we believe the Lord will raise up indigenous leadership to continue His work at Voice of Hope.