Sandhi Charity

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About Us

Sandhi is a non profit organization born out of a desire to be able to give back to society and be the candle that shines in the darkness.

We go about squandering our energies worrying about every small accomplishment that we may have missed .However counting our blessings makes us realize how lucky we are and we can definitely take up causes and work towards making others lucky Then there is always criticism about every thing around us. We often blame the system for faulty practices but a closer look is enough to assure us that we need to be instrumental in making the change. Sandhi is the awakening which inspires us to take change into our hands. It is the thought we spare for those whose cause may be easily forgotten in the midst of self assuring, egoistic agendas. “Sandhi” meaning Union ,is implied figuratively as the time when fading darkness embraces the first lights of dawn. This endeavor is a true result of the true experience of our souls. It is a culmination of revealing experiences and deep thought.