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Vision Statement:

To motivate and mobilize Christians to follow Christ example in helping other people. To encourage the growth of faith inspired fruits that will bring life to a hungry world. To do justly, to love mercy, and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8).

Important Notice: Our efforts seem humanitarian, but are in actuality heavenly. It is not humans for humans. It is Christ for Humans through us. If we do not remain in Him our fruits will not be of the heavenly nature. It is most crucial to remain in close fellowship with Christ. Helping others is what He wants us to do, but we cannot do it on all on our own. We must stay close to Him and remain him.

The Orchard Directory Organization of the Orchard:

Global Team Research and Development Distribution Follow Up Local Team Personal Team Emergency Response Search and Rescue team

Global Team This team is concerned about stuff that is happening all around the world. This includes charities, movements, and other partnerships. There are different tasks for making an impact in this area. The following three teams should work closely together in their efforts.

Research and Development: This group takes information about charities and movements and assimilates the information into a layout that would be appropriate for the people it is going to. The layout and information chosen should get peoples attention and provide them with a way to Follow Up.

Distribution: This team takes the layouts from research and development and gets them to people. They may use on how to get the information to different crowds. Different options for distribution could be face to face, internet, mail, or events. This team could be very creative, ranging from meetings with company representatives, to theatrical wrestling. Follow Up: This team is focused on getting results from all the awareness. This may be a fundraiser to get people to give to a charity or a campaign drive to get people to sign into a movement. There may also be websites, emails, or phone receptionist to answer questions and help people in understanding the situation. The One Example Back to top Local Team This group is a link to local ministries. It provides information on all opportunities to help out in the Denton area. It may also organize groups of people to go the ministries together. Also if a ministry does not already exist where there is a consistent local need, a new ministry may be formed. Ministries known of at the moment are listed under the directory.

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Personal Team This group meets people’s needs on a person to person basis. It is adventurous and flexible. It is divided into two sub categories.

Emergency Response: Based largely on the principles of James 2:16-17, this group is concerned with materializing or bringing action to the love of the Church in response to someone’s prayer request or need.

Search and Rescue Team: This group is much like the Emergency Response Team in exception that they do not wait for request. They hit the streets and find need the needs. If they come across a need that affects many people consistently they should counsel the local team about developing a new Local subgroup for addressing the issue.

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The One Example

This is an example for the global team. The research and development team would hear about the one campaign. They may come up with fancy flyers/reminders. These flyers would then be passed on the distribution team. They would take these flyers and hand them out all over the place. The may throw a concert at a bar and throw them into the crowd while making a musical announcement. The flyers would have the website on it. They would also give contact to the member from the follow up team that new about this project. This person would then be able to answer questions and let people know about other ways they can help.