NASGA - National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse

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About Us

NASGA's mission is to seek reform of court-controlled "protective” proceedings across the U.S. in order to assure the due process, civil and human rights of vulnerable elderly and disabled adults trapped in unlawful and abusive guardianships and conservatorships where previously executed legal documents may not be honored. We also serve as a support system for individuals victimized by proceedings not in conformity with law. Additionally, we work to educate the public to the fact that these proceedings actually strip wards of all rights, liberties and property, thereby exposing them to financial exploitation by the very individuals appointed by the courts to protect them, so that they may wind up on Medicaid at taxpayer expense. Finally, we urge that judicial intervention and lengthy and costly litigation should be avoided by families except as a matter of last resort if they fail to mediate their disagreements.