Ars Nova Chamber Orchestra

  • VA


1416 Dogwood Drive
United States

About Us

Ars Nova is Washington, DC's acclaimed self-conducted chamber orchestra, working collaboratively to present classical music at the highest level. Our musicians include members and former members of the Boston Philharmonic, the U.S. Marine Band, the Indianapolis Symphony, as well as players from a variety of other orchestras and premier DC military ensembles. We perform concerts in and around Washington, DC, featuring core chamber orchestra repertoire as well as repertoire for smaller chamber groups.

As a self-conducted ensemble, Ars Nova places a tremendous premium on musical leadership within the group. We rehearse and play with no conductor, so we work collaboratively among everyone on stage--as many as 30 or 40 people for our core orchestral works--to trade off leadership where the music calls for it. It's an exciting process, sometimes difficult but always inspiring. And in the end, with the right players, it works at a very high level.

Check us out! We're a relatively new group, but you can see clips from some of our shows on YouTube.

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