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About Us

Do you believe that our country seems more divided along partisan lines than ever? That our political process seems incapable of meeting a variety of interrelated, pressing challenges?

Do you feel like the U.S. electoral process has been reduced to big money, special interest spending, overblown rhetoric, and campaigning simply to win - yet hardly any legislation is passed in the public interest?

Americans United for Government Reform (AUGR) is offering a new solution:

Unite the political spectrum behind a message of government reform.

Few issues have bipartisan agreement; however, most agree that the economy is not “fixed” and our “too big to fail” financial institutions have only gotten larger.

By explaining the origins of the 2007-2009 financial crisis in a comprehensive, nonpartisan manner, and tying the lack of substantive reform to our current political process, AUGR will use the TBTF problem as a platform to unit, educate, and advocate for a suite of government reforms.

AUGR is seeking a legal researcher to complete our initial five attorney staff.

Ideal candidates will be licensed to practiced or pending bar admission, have experience with banking legislation and/or SEC, FRB, OCC rulemakings, and be able to contribute 10-15 hours a week to the project.

This is a volunteer position that will become paid upon the receipt of grant funding.

To apply, please submit a letter of interest and resume.