Gillingham Charter School

  • PA


915 Howard Ave.
United States

About Us

As the first charter school in Schuylkill County, Gillingham Charter School has finally brought school choice to children, parents, and teachers. We are also the first public school accredited by the Charlotte Mason Institute in Relational Education Methodology. As such, GCS offers a fresh approach to public school.

At GCS, children are considered persons, thus they have the innate desire to learn and live fully. Children are respected as persons, thus they are put into enriching relationships with the vast inheritance of knowledge around them-with ideas, others & the natural world- through rich language.

  • Respect, respect, respect, respect, respect for All.
  • Small Schools and Small Classes
  • "Forms" (Multi-Aged Classes)
  • Beautiful, orderly classrooms, school house and grounds
  • Teachers that co-learn with their students
  • Masterly Inactivity
  • Homework that is Meaningful and Individualized
  • Learning Organization in which ALL persons learn...student AND adult
  • Non-traditional, Shared Leadership
  • School-wide Chores