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About Us

Haiti Now (Ayiti Now Corp; Ayiti, the name of the country in Creole) is a Miami, Florida-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in January 2010. We have grown from 2 volunteers in 2010 to over 55 volunteers in Marketing, Fundraising, Salesforce projects, Finance, HR and other teams.

VISION: To see girls in domestic servitude overcome extreme poverty, heal emotional trauma, and live rewarding lives.

MISSION: Haiti Now administers comprehensive programs that enable girls to overcome domestic servitude.

Who We Serve: Haitian girls, aged 6 to 17, living in domestic servitude, known as “RESTAVEK” in Creole.

1 Of Every 4 child is an unpaid Child Domestic Worker (Age 5-17) in Haiti. For generations, impoverished Haitian parents have sent their children to live with better off families. They are supposed to be cared for in exchange for housework, but they are often horribly mistreated, beaten, and even raped. These children are called Restavek, which is a derogatory Creole term meaning a “child who lives with someone else in servitude”. Since 2010, we provide programs in Haiti to girls in domestic servitude living in a state of slavery – Restavek girls. We are fundraising to build a residential school providing free accelerated education and a path to economic security.


  • EMPOWERMENT - We provide the children we serve with educational opportunities in an environment that fosters a sense of belonging.
  • INTEGRITY - We treat the children we serve with dignity and work in their best interests at all times.
  • QUALITY - We strive for excellence in the education, training, and support services provided to the children we serve.
  • INNOVATION - We evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and embrace change as an opportunity to continually improve our methods and processes.
  • TRANSPARENCY - We exemplify good stewardship in fiscal administration and strive for simplicity and consistency in our reporting.


  • The vast majority of Restavek girls are exploited for food and shelter because have nowhere to go.
  • We are building a Safe House to protect Restavek girls who can’t be reunited with their families.
  • Necessary programs for long-term empowerment - accelerated education, health care, psychological support, mentoring, arts, sports, entrepreneurship, social integration, community sensitization, and prevention, all coordinated under one roof.

  • The majority of quality schools does not enrol students with 2 yrs above age grade or students that have failed one year.
  • Restavek girls regardless of age or educational background will be able to attain a 6th-grade diploma in just three years.
  • The tuition free school will offer a supportive and balanced environment and a rich curriculum that will help students reach their full potential.

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