Kigezi Community Development Initiative

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About Us

Kigezi Community Development Initiative (KCDI) is non-profit organisation aimed at emancipation of women, orphaned children and vulnerable groups in Kigezi through improving awareness levels and different interventions like Economic skills, Education, Health and Lifestyle. Through awareness the targeted groups are slowly weaned off the projects and helped to train their communities and therefore extend awareness and improved livelihood. KCDI achieves this through creating a network between the service delivery Target group, the Decision/Policy makers and the Funding community.

Mission Statement

KCDI exists to empower Communities and Individuals to realize their full Potential.


KCDI is a leader in Innovation of Enterprising solutions for disadvantaged Communities.


KCDI operations will be guided by the following values:

  • Focus on the needy
  • Be gender responsive
  • Enhance utilization of local resources
  • Strengthen existing structures and systems
  • Encourage environmental soundness
  • Promote people-centered development


Specific objectives are to:

  • Support community development initiatives, by reaching the needy with innovative and appropriate high quality services.
  • Provide opportunities for individual self-development.
  • Improved Health and Sanitation Systems
  • Encourage the youth to stay in school by providing incentives through advocacy and creating timely interventions in relation to the girl child
  • Provide Vocational Education.
  • Improve literacy by providing reading materials and literacy advocates.