Maine Women's Policy Center & Maine Women's Lobby

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About Us

Maine Women’s Policy Center (a 501 C 3 charitable nonprofit)

The Maine Women’s Policy Center was founded in 1990 to improve the social, political and economic well-being, and the empowerment of Maine women and girls. MWPC works for systemic change by organizing, training, and supporting women and girls to effectively participate in the policy-making process. 

Maine Women’s Lobby (a 501 C 4 nonprofit)

The Maine Women’s Lobby was founded in 1978 to advocate on behalf of Maine women and girls. For 40 years, the MWL has maintained a presence in the halls of the state capitol, speaking on freedom from violence, freedom from discrimination, access to the full range of health care, and the overarching issue, economic security. The MWL keeps Maine women informed about issues that affect their lives at both the state and federal level, and reports the voting records of state lawmakers.