Ten Thousand Villages In Evanston

  • IL


719 Main Street
United States

About Us

Ten Thousand Villages In Evanston (TTVE) has a mission to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and stories to our community through long-term fair trading relationships. The Manager will commit to the following philosophy adopted by the Board of Directors of Ten Thousand Villages in Evanston, Inc.:

  1. To participate in the worldwide programs of Ten Thousand Villages and other non-profit Alternative Trade Organizations by selling merchandise produced by artisans and other workers in developing countries.
  2. To operate a Ten Thousand Villages in Evanston store (the “Store”) in Evanston, Illinois, with operations largely conducted through the efforts of volunteers.
  3. To build on our history as a faith-based organization by raising community awareness of and concern for:
  4. Initiatives for justice, peace, and intercultural, ecumenical and inter-religious understanding of the need for economic justice for artisans and other workers in developing countries
  5. The support of sustainable economic development and use of technology in a way that protects the environment, both locally and globally.